Scalp Trader

Ideal for quick Entry and Exits the 'CGIndicators Scalp Trader' features:

  • Buy Signals (Longs) located in the Blue zone with supporting textual information.
  • Sell Signals (Shorts) located in the Yellow zone with supporting textual information.
  • Automatic Bullish & Bearish Divergence lines that show potential trend reversal zones.
  • Take Profit, White Flags.
  • Blue and Yellow Momentum Trend Trackers.
  • Oversold and Overbought zone highlighter.
  • Alert functionality for triggered signals. No need to watch the chart all day!
  • Customizable display.

Swing Trader

Ideal for longer term Entry and Hold strategies the 'CGIndicators Swing Trader' features:

  • Buy Signals (Longs) identified by Blue Triangles.
  • Sell Signals (Shorts) identified by Yellow Triangles.
  • Automatic Micro-Trend Tracker that shows Bullish or Bearish conditions.
  • Automatic Macro-Trend Tracker that shows the overall sentiments of market conditions.
  • Simple color scheme to quickly help the user identify whether the market is favoring Buying (Blue) or Selling (Yellow).
  • Alert functionality for triggered signals.
  • Customizable display.

In Harmony

Whilst both the 'Scalp and Swing Trader Indicators' can be used independently, their power comes when combined.

Use them together to:

  • Gain confluence for enteries and exits.
  • Quickly understand market conditions at a glance on any asset.
  • Target on-screen zones highlighted by the Indicators for taking profit on trades.
  • Compare conditions on multiple timeframes to optimize your decisions.
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