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30 Day Subscription

30 Day Subscription

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Package includes:

  • Full access for 30 days
  • No automatic renewals
  • 15 Days Extra Free for first-time users
  • Instant access to use both CGIndicators:
    -- The Scalp Trader Indicator
    -- The Swing Trader Indicator
  • Setup and Access Guide
  • Online support for any questions

Access Instructions:

Both CGIndicators run from the worlds leading trading platform - TradingView.

Upon entering our checkout page, simply add your 'TradingView Username' into the required field area (A free TradingView account can be created here). 

Once payment has been made, you'll receive your "Access Guide" as an instant digital download. A second backup copy will also be sent directly to your email. 

Alternatively after purchasing, message us your ORDER NUMBER here on TradingView (you'll get a copy of this instantly upon completing payment).

It's a simple as that! 


Using a unique combination of algorithms, CGIndicators help deconstruct price charts, generating optimum signals and market analysis for trades in real-time.


CGIndicators - Taking the mystery out of trading.

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