Frequently Asked Questions

What do the Indicators do?

We offer a range of easy-to-use signal indicators that provide new and experienced traders with the ability to deconstruct raw market data charts.

Ideal for Trading or Investing strategies, the automatic signals generated provide the user with a deeper level of analysis and understanding without the need for multiple other products.

The onscreen graphics and in-built alert functionality help inform trading decisions on when to 'Buy and Sell'.

The indicators are designed to give a user an edge in their chosen market.

How can I get access to CGIndicators?

All the trading indicators run from the worlds leading platform TradingView.

Once you have purchased a CGIndicators Subscription from our shop, simply make a free account on TradingView, message us your ORDER NUMBER (which you'll instantly receive on purchase along with a second backup copy direct to your email) and you'll have full access.

It's that simple!

What price are the CGIndicators?

The Indicators are available to purchase on a Monthly (30 Day), Half Year (6 months) or One Year (Annual) Subscription.

Visit our Shop here to purchase.

How can I pay for an Indicator Subscription?

We currently accept many different forms of international payment including Debit and Credit Cards, Paypal, ApplePay and many more.

The full list is displayed on our checkout page.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Absolutely! Whatever subscription package you pay for at checkout, is exactly what you'll get. We don't believe in 'revolving contracts' or 'locking' our customers with auto-renew payment plans. Why? Because we believe you'll be so happy with the Indicators that you'll make THAT decision for yourself!

I've purchased the Indicators - Where's the Access Guide?

Thank you for purchasing a subscription.

You should have received our Access Guide instantly upon payment checkout via digital download.
A copy will have also been sent to your email but just in case you missed both of those! You can also download it here.

Do the Indicators work on any Market?

Yes. Due to the design of the Indicators functionality, they are extremely adaptable and can be applied successfully onto any tradable asset or market that is listed on TradingView. The key is finding the best timeframe for a specific asset.

What do the in-built alerts do?

If you don't have time to watch the charts all day, both CGIndicators have in-built alert functionality that you can set.

To add these, simply load the chart/asset of your choice, navigate to the Indicators 'Settings Panel' and click "Add Alert".

These work 24/7 and run on any timeframe and tradable chart.

When your signal of choice is triggered, you'll be instantly notified via email, app or sms automatically.

Time saving and convenient!

Will there be updates to the Indicators?

Yes. As more and more traders use the indicators and the CG Community expands, we receive more feedback and constantly work to improve our indicators. Once you have purchased the Indicator, all future updates will be added automatically for free, you will also be informed about the improvements and how you can benefit from them.

Do you have Social Media?


Our Social feed is to designed to help our users.

  • Our Instagram provides useful tips, tutorials and explanations on how to use the CGIndicators optimally.
  • Our FREE Telegram group provides regular signal examples of the Indicators in action.
  • Our Facebook page has video examples and promotions on how to use the Indicators.
  • Our X (Twitter) account posts free signals that are triggered on the 4 hour timeframe on a range of assets.

Got another Question?

Our team is on-hand to answer any queries you might have, simply drop us an email here and we'll get back to you asap.